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This is one of my favourite dishes, which my mother has been making for …  probably her entire life and I’m pretty sure that I’ll continue the tradition.


1 kg minced lamb or beef
1 thick slice white bread
250 ml milk
2 chopped onions
30 ml butter
30 ml mild curry powder
10 ml salt
Pinch of pepper
Juice of 1 lemon or 30ml vinegar
5 ml brown sugar or 15ml apricot jam
12 crushed almonds (optional)
2 eggs
6 orange, lemon or bayleaves

Soak the bread in 125ml of milk until very soft, then mash with a fork. Sauté the onion in heater butter until transparent. Add the curry powder and seasonings and fry for 2 minutes, then add the lemon juice or vinegar, soaked bread, brown sugar or apricot jam, almonds and minced meat. Cook until the meat begins to colour. Stir with a fork to remove all lumps. Transfer to a greased pie dish and smooth the top. Beat the eggs and the remaining milk and pour over the meat.

Arrange the orange, lemon or bayleaves on top and bake at 160 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Serve with rice, chutney, and sliced bananas.